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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax

Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax

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This #1 seller is Turtle Wax longest-lasting spray wax, infused with carnauba for months of impeccable shine and a beautiful, glossy finish.

Like all of Turtle Wax ICE products, ICE Spray Wax features Smart Shield®technology and a super flexible formula, safe for use in direct sunlight on even the hottest surfaces.

This premium wax spray is recommended go-to for busy car enthusiasts in need of a quick, yet powerful solution. Phenomenal shine and protection immediately after you wash and dry or, for even more protection, used as a top coat over Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine Hybrid Sealant Spray.

* Longest lasting premium spray wax
* ICE Spray wax contains a proprietary blend of Smart Shield Technology and premium grade carnauba wax
* Beads water long after the product has been applied
* Repels dirt and prevents water spots
* Motorized vehicle cleaner and exterior protectant
* Formulated with UV protection to prevent fading
* Safe to use on paints, exterior plastic, rubber trim and glass
* Turtle Ice spray wax saves time over conventional tub-paste formula
* Flawless shine in minutes
* Helps hide swirl marks and minor scratches
* Streak free shine with no white residue
* Smart Shield technology builds layers of shine and protection

Wash and dry your car with a high-performance car wash, such as ICE Snow Foam, to safely remove contaminants and soils.

Mist one to two sprays of ICE Spray Wax onto each exterior panel.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to massage product into the surface of your car.

Turn over the cloth and gently dry surfaces to reveal a fresh and sparkling finish.
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