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SGS28 Pressure Washer Car Wash Sprayer Gun with Swivel

SGS28 Pressure Washer Car Wash Sprayer Gun with Swivel

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About this item

  • PRESSURE WASHER GUN - SGS28 Spray Gun with stainless steel QC fittings and built-in stainless steel hose swivel to prevent tangling and twisting under pressure.
  • DURABLE  - High pressure washer gun manufactured with shockproof reinforced plastic ribbing to support the pipe and protect your hand.
  • EASY-GRIP - The car wash gun sprayer features easy hold technology and easy pull trigger operation with an ergonomic grip. High-quality pressure washer accessories you can rely on.
  • HIGH PRESSURE - Power washer gun rated up to 4,000 PSI, 12 GPM, 310 degrees Fahrenheit. 3/8" Stainless Plug Inlet x 1/4" Stainless Coupler Outlet.
  • INSTALLED STAINLESS STEEL FITTINGS –  The car wash pressure washer gun features a Stainless plug and coupler securely installed to eliminate leaks and installation issues.
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