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Nasiol XR03 Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars, 50 ml

Nasiol XR03 Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars, 50 ml

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Nasiol XR03 Nano Ceramic Coating is a professional solution developed to ensure the safety of your vehicle. The product adds shine to the applied surfaces. Easy-to-apply nano paint protection technology also makes cleaning the vehicle simpler. The product prevents the appearance of fine scratches on surfaces with only one coat application. In addition to all these features, XR03 protects your vehicle against bird droppings, acid rain, road salt, harmful sun rays and many other negative factors.

About this item

  • ✅ Thanks to its improved durability, it effectively protects your car's paint against scratches for up to 1.5 years. In addition, thanks to its water repellency and dirt and stain prevention properties, your car's paintwork will be much more difficult to get dirty.
  • ✅ With its high water repellency and super gloss effect, it gives your car's paint a glossy appearance and hydrophobic properties.
  • ✅ Provides resistance against scratches and external stains thanks to its high chemical resistance. Your car's paint looks as smooth as the first day.
  • ✅ Thanks to its high hydrophobic properties, it prevents water and liquid stains from contaminating your vehicle, has resistance to chemicals and UV protection.
  • ✅ All application accessories are included in the product box. You can apply ceramic coating and paint protection to your vehicle without purchasing any extra accessories. Ideal for professional detailers and car enthusiasts. Please read the product description and user manual for application.
  • ✅ Provides full protection for your vehicle with a single layer coating. XR03 is an effective product for the maintenance and paint protection of your vehicle.
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