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Nasiol NL272 Ultimate Scratch Defender,10H Paint Protection, 50 ml

Nasiol NL272 Ultimate Scratch Defender,10H Paint Protection, 50 ml

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The features of NL272 ensure that it is a highly durable solution that will offer long-lasting protection to the surface of a vehicle. The benefits of NL272 ensure that the surface of your car remains in optimal condition.

About this item

  • ✅ Thanks to its improved durability, it effectively protects your vehicle's paintwork against scratches for up to 5 years (LIFELONG if boosted with Nasiol MetalCoat F2 once a year). In addition, thanks to its water repellent and dirt and stain prevention feature, your car's paint will get dirty much more difficult.
  • ✅ High Definition Reflection (HDR) gives your car's paintwork a crystal shiny appearance and a distinctive silky feeling.
  • ✅ Thanks to its improved formula, it provides 10H pencil hardness scratch resistance. Your car's paint looks as smooth as the first day.
  • ✅ Thanks to its high hydrophobic properties, it prevents water and liquid stains from contaminating your vehicle, has resistance to chemicals and UV protection.
  • ✅ All application accessories are included in the product box. You can apply ceramic coating and paint protection to your vehicle without purchasing any extra accessories.
  • ✅ Ideal for professional detailers and car enthusiasts. Please read the product description and user manual for application.
  • ✅ Provides full protection for your vehicle with a single coat. NL272 is an effective product for the maintenance and paint protection of your vehicle.
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