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Meguiar's X190400 Supreme Shine Drying Towel

Meguiar's X190400 Supreme Shine Drying Towel

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Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Drying Towel is an extremely luxurious microfiber drying towel to help you pamper the paint on your car while gently drying. This super plush microfiber towel is ultra-absorbent requiring less rubbing on the paint and fewer wring-outs than traditional towels. And since it’s microfiber, it’s extremely gentle on your paint which will reduce friction and ultimately reduce the risk of putting swirls back into your paint. The larger size also saves time by covering more surface area quicker. Designed with clear coat safe edges to further reduce swirling and durable material allowing you to machine wash and use it again and again. Be sure to wash with similar colors and similar microfiber materials to prevent color bleeding and obtain maximum performance. So, if you want the ultimate drying towel for your car, Supreme Shine Drying Towel is the perfect solution!

  • PREMIUM ACCESORY: Super thick & plush for maximum absorbency & swirl-free finish
  • REDUCED DRYING TIME: Less wring-out and better absorbency
  • LESS EFFORT: Absorbs more water than traditional towels
  • REUSABLE TOWEL: Crafted with durable material so you can use again and again (machine washable)
  • LARGE SIZE: 31” X 21.5” premium microfiber drying towel with clear coat safe edges

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