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Meguiar's G10900 Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner Wipes, 30 Wipes

Meguiar's G10900 Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner Wipes, 30 Wipes

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Clean, condition and protect your leather surfaces in one easy step with Meguiar?s Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes. Our gentle, effective formula cleans, restores and enriches leather for a luxurious appearance while helping to prevent premature drying and cracking. Saturated with aloe-enriched conditioners and moisturizers, our leather wipes help protect from spills and stains, while UV protection helps prevent aging and fading. 25 full size premium wipes per container.

  • ALL-IN-ONE LEATHER WIPES: Large non-linting wipes are saturated with aloe-enriched moisturizers to clean, condition and protect in one step for easy leather care
  • LEATHER CLEANER: Cleaners safely and gently remove dirt and grime 
  • LEATHER CONDITIONER: Premium conditioners and aloe nourish leather for a supple look and feel
  • PROTECTS: Rich moisturizers help prevent leather from drying out and cracking while UV protection helps prevent aging and fading
  • NO RESIDUE: Cleans and protects without leaving a white residue or greasy finish
Tips and Suggestions for using these car cleaning wipes
* For best results, apply to a cool surface.
As an extra precaution, it’s always a good idea to test for color fastness and compatibility on a small inconspicuous area.
To open container: Take off cap and remove seal. Pull up wipe from the center of the roll and carefully slide the corner of the wipe into the cap opening. Place cap back on container.
For reduced shine, wipe surface with a clean, soft 100% cotton terry cloth towel or microfiber after application.
Do not use on suede.
Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather 3-in-1 Wipes do not contain lanolin.
Also excellent for use on leather briefcases, luggage, furniture, handbags, coats, and shoes.
If deeper cleaning is needed, precede with Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner – G18516. It offers more cleaning while still being safe on leather surfaces.
Directions for use
Pull wipe to use.
Test for colorfastness and compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area.
Wipe on surfaces to be treated.
Keep turning the wipe to a clean side for best results.
Snap lid securely shut between uses to prevent moisture loss.
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